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Austin Annual AC Maintenance badgeWith TempRite, you will experience superior service and value every time you need our services. Joining our annual maintenance plan will only increase the value you receive from us. You will receive many benefits for one low annual price and the plan pays for itself after only 1 tune-up.

Join many other satisfied members who benefit from regularly scheduled tune-ups and maintenance on the most important appliance in your home. You will have peace of mind knowing the quality service of TempRite is only a phone call away, and all of our annual plan members receive priority service for regular and emergency calls.

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  • 5-stars

    Brian Powell is amazing! He was assigned to me by my home warranty company to give me a second opinion on a $2500.00 estimate another AC company gave me. He walked me through step by step everything he was doing and why. He saved me a $2500.00 mistake. They are my new AC/Heating service company.

    Bobby M.
    Bobby M.Pflugerville, TX
  • 5-stars

    I was assigned Temprite by the home warranty company. Brian showed up on time and was super nice and helpful! He patiently answered my hundred questions (i am one of those that need to know everything that is going on) and gave me precious suggestions on how to make the best out of our A/C!!! :-)

    Barbara P.
    Barbara P.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    My AC stopped cooling last year in AUGUST and my warranty company assigned my claim to some contractor. Initially, we thought we had nothing to worry about thinking that they have reliable companies working for them. But it wasn't a simple process to deal with the technician they sent, it actually turned out to be a nightmare. Long story short, he not only installed the wrong equipment, the installation was so poorly done that we had CO2 leaking in our home.

    The warranty company tried to get him to come back and fix the issues, we waited for 5 months since the contractor kept giving us excuses, and then the holidays came around and by the last attempt to contact him, he was not answering his phone. I was disappointed and upset because we tried to be reasonable giving him a chance to fix the job correctly, but it's just unbelievable that there are contractors that don't care about their reputation.

    So, they finally reassigned my claim to Temprite and they scheduled an appointment the next day. When they came to do their inspection I could tell right away they were very knowledgeable and professional. Andrew with Temprite, carefully inspected my AC system and was able to explain to me in detail all the problems, he described exactly the things my system was doing which made me realized it was not working properly after the first installation. Some parts of my system looked out of place but I didn't even have to tell Andrew because he pinpointed at the irregularities the previous contractor had done. I felt relieved that the right company was taking care of my A/C especially because it is a huge expense.

    They gave me different options since the entire system was old and the previous owners of the house had installed a builder grade system. My warranty company was only going to repair what was broken with similar builder grade parts, but I could tell the system was going to need other repairs in a year or two. Andrew suggested for me to do some research so that I could make the right decision. I decided to take the buyout my warranty company offered and get the entire system done since I truly felt that Temprite would do it right the first time. I was still nervous because my expectations are very high and I like to fix things properly. Andrew, Carlos, and David installed my system and worked very hard from 9:30 - 4:30. They were very careful taking the equipment in and out of the home which I appreciated. Once they finished they had me look at the new system and explained what they had done. After the first bad experience I still had many questions and Andrew answered all of them without hesitation, he was very patient with me. I could tell right away Temprite had done an outstanding job as all the equipment looked great and properly sealed.

    I cannot thank Andrew and Nathanael the owner of Temprite enough for working with me to get the best price, which after doing my research I realized they were really being honest and helpful with me. I am so glad I have found my go to AC company for my AC needs.

    JR Y.
    JR Y.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    After six years of having our home warranty send out one company after another, no one could fix the issues we were having. Well, they sent out Temprite and we feel like it's the first time someone knew what was going on. Our home warranty wasn't able to pay out for everything that needed to be done, but that's why nothing was every really getting repaired properly. WE HAVE AIR AND HEAT!!! our unit never got air conditioning to our bedroom, which was hell in the summer. our technician Andrew and others (sorry i don't know their names) showed us everything that they did and it's a freaking miracle! Lol! We've never been so satisfied with a service, and we highly recommend to save time and money and get the job done right by Temprite ( new slogan :-) ) thank you Temprite! see you for our routine maintenance. Gail Jimenez and Mike Casey

    Gail J.
    Gail J.Georgetown, TX
  • 5-stars

    These guys are superb! Brian Powell has taken care of us 3 times as this point, and I have nothing but good things to say about him and Temp Rite. They are extremely prompt at returning phone calls and emails, will schedule you in as quickly as possible, and won't leave the job until everything is triple checked (seriously, they are thorough). Brian and Nathanael were both exceptionally courteous, polite, and respectful. Good people. They took the time to answer all of my questions and explain everything in detail. We have an old 1950's home with temperamental wiring and systems. No one has been able to give us the level of service and attention that Temp Rite has. They genuinely care about fixing your HVAC problem (for good, not just a quick fix) and seem to really love what they do. I was impressed at the level of customer service and how knowledgeable these guys are. This review hardly does them justice. These guys go above and beyond. Temp Rite will always be my first call for HVAC repair!

    Lauren B.
    Lauren B.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    Heater went out recently as the weather started to get colder. Scheduled service online Saturday morning through home warranty and got Temprite as my contractor. Nathanael contacted me by 6 pm that night, and set up a service for Sunday morning. Brian came out to my house and was unable to resolve the issue; he also had four other stops that day so he told me he would come by on Monday to fully resolve it. Brian came out as promised, and now I have a working heater in my house. Thanks guys!

    Jones N.
    Jones N.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    My home warranty co sent out Temprite to fix the broken A/C (not a fun problem to have when it's hot outside!). They diagnosed the problem very quickly and fixed it quickly too. Sadly it wasn't a problem the warranty covered, but they were reasonable with their charges. Very nice to boot.

    Catherine S.
    Catherine S.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    So very, very thankful to have our new condenser unit installed and cooling without overheating!!! Thank you Temprite and Nathanael Motes! Wonderful service and I would recommend to any/everyone to service their AC unit inside/out. YAY!

    Stacy Jo Wozny
    Stacy Jo WoznyAustin, TX
  • 5-stars

    I lucked out and was assigned to TempRite through my home warranty company when my A/C stopped cooling. Every dealing with them has been great because Nathanael knows his stuff and so does his crew. Even months later when I had a problem with my Nest thermostat he took my calls and walked me through everything even though a different company had told me the problem was that my Nest was bad. He helped me figure out that something else other than the Nest was the problem by sending him pics of my unit and the wiring going to the thermostat. He said he would even help me out if the other company couldn't figure it out. I just got off the phone with him again with another question that he gladly answered. It is rare to find a company like this. He could have easily taken advantage of the fact that I don't know anything about A/C but he never has jumped to send someone out or acted like he didn't want to help. I am thankful to have a reliable company like TempRite.

    Bennie Z.
    Bennie Z.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    A very good friend referred me to Temprite and Nathaniel was not only our salesman but also the crew chief during the install. We had our replacement unit installed at the end of April and having lived with it now through one hot month (which was what I was waiting for), I can honestly & unequivocally say---Great job all around, Nathaniel and company! You came, when you said you would come and cleaned everything up as promised. What was most impressive was that Nathaniel was the only contractor/company that had suggested a corrective action that fixed a long standing complaint---that being a room that was cold in winter and hot in summer. After, I had explained the issue, we were having, he asked me three simple questions and said I did not need another register in the room (as others had suggested) but, a new return pathway to compensate for the over-pressurization of that room. Outstanding knowledge and technical expertise.

    Richard C.
    Richard C.Pflugerville, TX
  • 5-stars

    We had Temprite come out to our house after having an issue with one of the heaters not properly warming an area of the house we just bought. Our home warranty company set us up with them, but seeing how it was a Friday, we were informed that it would most likely be Monday before any heating company could come out. Nathanael contacted us and squeezed us in that Saturday during the time we were having road/school closures from the ice storms. He was punctual and extremely polite. He took the time to examine the unit, test the outflow from the vents in question, and also readjust the thermostat. He was thorough in explaining his thought process along with preventative measures we could take. He even offered to help change out the air filters since he already had his ladder out! As others have mentioned, it really is nice to find someone honest and knowledgable who takes pride in what he does and goes the extra length to take care of his customers. I'll be definitely storing his number in a safe place!

    Paul P.
    Paul P.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    I would give Temprite twenty stars if I could! We had an issue with our downstairs furnace, leaving us without heat during the chilly nights we've had recently. Our warranty company (usually excellent and super helpful), sent a company to us who came to our house once, said they had to order a part, and never came back or returned our calls. They cashed our check and were never heard from again. Temprite were the guys sent to us next. They were professional, they explained everything that was wrong, and how they fixed it. They fixed the mess left by the ineptitude of the previous company, and they fixed the original problem those guys hadn't even found. They even changed our filters! I am super impressed with both David and Derek, and I would recommend them, and Temprite, to anyone looking for someone to get the job done! We have heat again!

    Jen S.
    Jen S.Round Rock, TX
  • 5-stars

    I'm reviewing too late to remember details (August problem, January review), but I kept the post-it note on my computer to remind myself and have 5 stars on it. I don't remember my problem, but it was August. You figure it out. All I do know is that I have great a/c and enjoyed having the TempRite techs out. It's one thing if they do the job well, but it's even better if they do it and are pleasant to talk to. Naturally I hope never to see them again, but if the very old a/c has other plans, I'm calling TempRite.

    Katy C.
    Katy C.Georgetown, TX
  • 5-stars

    We'll as always it was a terrible summer with the heat and all. My AC went out and I must have called ten companies to come out and fix it. We have a newborn baby and the house was getting up to 90 degrees. Everyone told me they were all booked up. Until I called temp rite. The owner Nate also said he was all booked up but was the only one who took my situation with our newborn seriously. Nate arrived 40 min later after talking with him and also traveled all the way from round rock to south austin. Fixed our AC in minutes. Tuned up our unit and was also the best price out of all I called. He truly loves helping people and is the best AC company I have ever used. When in doubt call temp rite.

    Courtney & Chris B.
    Courtney & Chris B.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    Nathanael came to my home when I was having AC problems during the hottest part of the summer. He figured out the problem in less than 10 minutes and had it fixed in less than 30! My AC has been running like a champ ever since! Highly recommended.

    Kyle B.
    Kyle B.Round Rock, TX
  • 5-stars

    We just bought  a place in Spicewood and the home warranty company recommended Temprite as it seemed the AC was not working properly. Nathanel came to the house, went through the system and told us everyone was working fine, but took the time to help us why and how we could make the system work better for us considering the temps here and the time it takes a system to cool down the place.

    Nathanel could have been like some service people and told us he did this or that, had to add freon or replace a part, and we would have been none the wiser. But he did not!  He is a very honest guy with integrity and that is sometimes rare in this day and age.

    if you have a AC/Heat problem....Call him!

    David D.
    David D.Spicewood, TX
  • 5-stars

    I was referred to Temprite by my Home Warranty company. The temp was up to 107 when my AC went out on Thursday night. Friday morning I called my company and they called around to several places who all said "sometime next week" or best case Monday. Nathaniel was amazing! He said that he'd make sure he'd come out today. He came out Friday night and made sure the A/C was working. He was friendly, professional, and even called me a couple times to let me know when we would arrive. So happy I went with Temptite.

    Clyde H.
    Clyde H.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    it is not often that I write reviews but a special thanks to Nathan. They were notified by my home warranty company about our AC not cooling and this was at 5pm. They said the only time they could be there was between 7-9 which was understandable for sure. they were running a bit behind so didn't get here until right about 9. very professional and knows what he is doing. Started checking a couple things outsid, topped off Freon, then did some trouble shooting inside. they determined it was a fan relay switch on the motherboard that needed to be replaced. said they can take it to the shop and have it back in the morning to get things going. this was about 930. then he realized we had a 6 month old baby, he came back to the door and said he was just going to go back to the shop and come back that night. he finally finished everything up close to 11pm.

    I couldn't ask for anything more then that out of a service company and I would HIGHLY recomend them to anyone.

    Terrence P.
    Terrence P.Cedar Park, TX
  • 5-stars

    Nathaniel and his team showed up when they said they would, did a great job trouble shooting a difficult ac issue and went out of his way to get our ac fixed. It's a local company and you should use them if you have an ac issue.

    Jax F.
    Jax F.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    My experience is consistent with these other positive reviews. Nathanael and his crew are outstanding. They will do whatever it takes to get our A/C running. They are polite, professional, happy, and competent. I wish everyone I dealt with were like these guys.

    Our home warranty company sent them our claim (I had never heard of Temprite). Nathanael called me the very next morning to setup time to come by that day. He got us running for the day and monitored for a leak over the next few days. When he came back, he found the leak, and worked with the home warranty company to get a replacement A/C unit sent out. It arrived on Friday afternoon. Nathanael was at our house on Saturday installing it. On Sunday, the air temperature wasn't quite right so we called him about it. He was back out at our house on Monday, figured out the problem the new system was having with our thermostat and we've been cool ever since.

    Greg T.
    Greg T.Georgetown, TX
  • 5-stars

    This last weekend our AC started freezing up. We still have a home warranty so we filed a claim. We were lucky enough to get Temprite. Before meeting Nathanael I was worried the contractor assigned by our warrant provider was going to only do the bare minimum. But everything he did and the service he provided us made me feel that I was the real customer. He ran through our entire system and found the real issue; which he promptly fixed. Our AC is now running better than when we purchased the home. I would definitely recommend Temprite to my friends and family.

    Daniel K.
    Daniel K.Round Rock, TX
  • 5-stars

    I have these guys come out and fix a number of issues caused by lesser repairmen. Professional, friendly, and they do good work. And they come out on the weekends, which is really nice because that seems to be the only time ACs go out. Highly recommended.

    D L.
    D L.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    Nathanael showed up when he said he would and was very professional and friendly. Highly recommended.

    Sean L.
    Sean L.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    How many contractors do you know who work on holidays and the evening before?! (Not a trick question or joke, I promise.) See - I sure don't know many, either.

    Here in Texas during 100-degree weather, our AC went out the eve of July 4th! It was like a death sentence. My home warranty lady said she called almost 10 vendors and no one could come out until after the holiday. The last AC person we used was also not available.

    Luckily, the warranty lady took pity on me and kept going down her vendor list and calling. That's how we got Nathaniel from Temp Rite. He literally came to the rescue within the hour! Give that man a cape!

    Everything will be awesome this July 4th! Bless this U.S. of A. and hardworking folks like Nathaniel at Temp Rite. You betcha I've now got me a nbew AC guy!

    Julie A.
    Julie A.Austin, TX
  • 5-stars

    Ok, for some reason Temprite wasn't on Yelp yet, so I just added them as a business because my experience has been so incredible so far. I had begun to wonder if this type of service still existed until they came out to the house. Nathanael Motes is the owner/operator, and is as professional as they come.

    1. He came out on a Saturday.
    2. He and his "crew" were polite, professional, quick & efficient.
    3. I had additional problems from a poor past repair, so he came back out on a Monday night at the end of his day to "rescue us". (In his own words, "Ya know, it's the Summer time, and that's our time to shine because people need you to come rescue them.")
    4. He found that a part needed replaced, which was going to take several days to get in. This would require me to climb into my attic every 10 hours to shop vac out my drain pan until the part came in. Keep in mind, it was almost 8pm at this point and Nathanael had been working ALL day. It was HOT in my attic, and he volunteered to do a temporary bypass so the pan would drain until the part came in. (He did this so I wouldn't have to climb in my attic and drain the pan with a shop vac for the next three days, and did not charge me for this) I couldn't believe it.
    5. He was friendly to my wife and kiddos.
    6. He is available for his customers constantly and always answers his phone.
    7. He does everything he can to get out to you as quickly as possible.

    Due to the poor service I have experienced in the "home services" industry I don't have a "guy" I use and am loyal to for any services (Plumbing, a/c, lawn, etc.) but after my experience with Temprite I've got a new a/c guy now who I will use as long as I am in Austin and will refer him to friends and family if they have any a/c needs.

    Do yourself a favor and call Nathanael. =)

    Aaron S.
    Aaron S.Austin, TX
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